12 Tips to write effective notes and improve exam results

12 Tips to write effective notes and improve exam results

Note-takers in class have always come up trumps. This is because what you hear in class is often forgotten within the next few hours as you move on from subject to subject. In written form, however, it becomes a record for revision in the future.

So, how to write notes that can be effective and improve your exam results?  

  • Pay attention to the class and then start taking notes. 
  • Refer to your previous lecture notes before being ready for the next class
  • Write legible notes 
  • Keeping your notes organized in binders is a good idea as you can add extra papers in between when necessary.  
  • Use highlighters, pencils, pens to highlight headings and subheadings. 
  • Start a new page for a new lecture.   
  • Leave space for comments or extra notes.  
  • Write fast but cover everything. 
  • Choose a note taking method that you are comfortable with. 
  • Seek clarifications if required. 
  • If something is illogical, clarify and complete writing then and there.   
  • Compare notes with your friends if the need be. 


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