18 Easy Ways to Improve Your English for Any Exam

18 Easy Ways to Improve Your English for Any Exam

We all are aware of this fact that English is without a doubt, the most spoken foreign language in the world in terms of non-native speakers. There are over 980 million speakers of English language across the globe. In most of the countries, English is the only medium for examination in higher studies. Thus, if you want to be a part of the global village, then it is a must to speak, write, read, and understand English well. Whether it is an English exam or any other subject's exam, having a strong grip on your language, grammar and vocabulary can get you extra grades/marks. 

Learning should be a holistic process where you understand and adapt the knowledge instead of simply memorizing the texts. The tips mentioned below will help you learn in that way. We have gathered a list of top eighteen tips to help you improve your English in just a few days before any examination. These tips and tricks are tested over time, and they have always worked for students and learners. So let's head straight to the list. 

1) Talk to yourself in English

This trick is easy yet extremely beneficial for language learners. We usually think and speak to ourselves in our mother tongue language but before exams, try to speak to yourself in English and practice it within yourself. Think in English and correct yourself if you find yourself making a mistake. The more you speak to yourself and practice, the more you will become fluent in English. You can do this anytime and anywhere. When you are thinking about your day, which food to order, whom to call, and what to do than speculate and introspect in English. You will see the difference soon. With time you will notice that when you think in English, it gets much more comfortable to speak English too.

2) Talk to others in English

This is commonly known by people, but still, people do not use this trick. Many teachers and language specialists have suggested that when we speak to others in English, then it becomes easy to write in the exam in English. Conduct a group study at your home or school to practice with your classmates. Talk to them about the exam and its syllabus in English. Revise it with your friends and talk to them about it. You can do this through debates, question hour rounds, discussions, or quizzes. 

3) Do mirror exercise

Take out few minutes from your day and do this exercise. It will help you become better communicators, and it will help you in your examinations too. In this exercise, you have to stand or sit in front of a mirror and speak directly to yourself in English. Choose a topic and speak for 5 minutes on it, notice the mistakes that you have made while speaking English and later work on your weak points. Watch your body language, facial expressions, and mouth movement as you speak English. It will help you during your oral exams, presentations and practicals. 

4) Write to learn English 

Many researchers have suggested in their studies that when you write something, it goes in your long-term memory unlike when read, it goes to your short-term memory. Thus, you can learn for your exams while writing in English. It will help you memorize the syllabus for a longer time. When you write, you are also able to fix your spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, etc. Writing the main words, or main sentences in a notebook for at least three times will ensure that you do not forget the important points of that subject. 

5) Listen and watch to learn English

In the information era, everything is available in the virtual world. Google can solve all your questions. On the internet, you can find educational videos, lectures, infotainment videos, articles, quizzes, exercises, etc. Just go online and watch relevant videos on YouTube and learn while watching a fun and animated video. There are numerous videos that teach the English language on YouTube, and they are comprehensive, interesting and fun. Before the exam, make sure that you watch at least 4-5 videos on educational sites like Khan Academy or YouTube to learn more about that topic, it could be grammar, punctuation, phonetic symbols, etc. You can also find an English language tutor to help improve your English oral and writing skills on Queryfloor.com.

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