30 Ways to Learn English Effortlessly

30 Ways to Learn English Effortlessly

English is one of the most famous languages around the globe. Many countries use English as their official languages. A good skill in English can able you to study or work in such countries where it is widely spoken.

Like any other language, learning English can be improved with practice and over time. The following are ways to improve your English in speaking, writing and reading.

1.    Overcoming your fear

Before commencing anything, it is essential to overcome your fears regarding it. Many people find it a daunting task to learn English. However, English like any other language, if given time and little effort is no mountain to climb. In many developing countries, people often mistake good English skills with having proper knowledge. While this is not true, but having a good command over English does prove to be advantageous in many ways. Therefore, the first step towards learning English is to overcome your fear.

2.    Think in English

As weird as it may sound, but thinking in a particular language will improve your language skill. Many people think in their native languages, translate them and then speak the same thing in English. The process of this translation is somewhat tedious and gets confusing. Even people, who know two or more languages, get confused when they translate from one language to another. Thus, the answer lies in thinking in English. You can think about your day’s work, some memory you had, or your plan for the week in English in your mind. You can refer to the dictionary or look up the internet for words you want to describe something. This way you can think and speak directly in English. 

3.    Having a conversation in English

Practice is key to learning a skill. Learning a new language is a skill, practice and more practice will surely help you improve your English speaking. Talk to those around you in English and try to have a conversation in English. This will help you improve both your listening and speaking skills.

4.    Keep a notebook

Always keep a notebook with you to jot down phrases and words that are new to you. You may find new words while conversing, in restaurants, classrooms or anywhere else. After you get home, look up for its meaning and try to use them in another sentence. If you do not want to go around with the notebook, use your smartphone and save the words in your notes. Writing it down will help you remember them better. This is one of the ways to increase your vocabulary.

5.    Look for the most suitable option for your learning English

People have varied ways of learning something. In case of English, some may learn better by conversation practices while some may improve more by reading. Finding your own style of learning English is essential.

You may be reading many books, but not being able to understand or decipher much from it, whereas, your friend may be able to.Try different approaches to learn, and you will find your suitable method. This will not only develop your skill but prevent you from losing time in an unproductive method. After you find this, try to mold your learning in this style. This strategy will help you to improve your English language faster and in a better way. 

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