4 ways to praise students in the classroom

4 ways to praise students in the classroom

Praising becomes a significant factor in the process of learning. Praising encourages students to conquer their fears about a subject or any topic. Praising students in the classrooms is a tool that motivates students towards performing better in school. 

Undoubtedly, the most common way of praising a student in the classroom is by giving positive remarks for students. This is perhaps the most cliche but one of the most recognized methods of honoring students. Some of these little words that form phrases can make a student’s day, and sometimes even their academic careers. Phrases like,” Outstanding Performance,” ” Your Project Is First Rate!”, “You have Got What It Takes” are some of the examples for praising students in a classroom. Encouraging words for students always motivates them to perform better.

Many times teachers adopt the strategy of rewarding students for their effort and hard work. The rewards may be materialistic like pens or notebooks. 

Often schools do not encourage materialistic prizes. Therefore, teachers can give students other forms of rewards. The teacher can make a chart with the student's names on them, and whenever they do some excellent work, they can give the points that can be written on the chart. At the end of the semester or academic year, the one with the highest scores gets a class award or a certificate.

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