5 critical thinking questions

5 critical thinking questions

Elders must always try to look for ways to get students in thinking more deeply on any topic. Critical thinking plays a very important role in that. Here are a few basic questions that can help students immensely. 

(i) Ask questions that are open-ended:

These are basically the questions that will require answers that are more elaborate.  

For example: What are your thoughts on the current political situation in the country and how would you address it? Or

Who do you get inspired from and why?

(ii) Ask questions that are result based:

These types of questions help in revealing the personal traits of a student. 

For example: How will you explain multiplication and division to a five-year-old. Or have you experienced a time when a decision had to be made with incomplete data? What decision did you make?

(iii) Asking hypothetical queries:

These scenarios help in the understanding observation of the student.

For example: If two students in a teamwork assignment start arguing, how will you handle the situation and what can be the possible backlashes you might face?


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