5 points to help you learn math

5 points to help you learn math

1. Be Present in Your Math Class

Until and unless it is an unavoidable situation such as an emergency or sickness try to attend all math classes. Being absent on this subject is going to affect you more than any other. You can cope up subjects like social sciences by thoroughly reading the textbooks and with the help of just a little bit of an explanation, but math is something that requires a detailed explanation by an expert. 

Even though your friends are willing to help you out it will never be the same as a full-fledged class. No matter how deeply you read from the textbook, you will never be able to get a complete overview of a particular topic as you get when you are attending a class.

Come to the math class a little early before the prescribed time. This way you are ready with your books, notebooks, calculators, stationary or your geometry box before the class starts. This will save you the trouble of assembling all your stuff when the teacher begins the lesson. If you leave the settling and arranging for the last moment, you risk chances of lagging behind in a class. Moreover, as we all know, once a student lags behind in a math class it is twice as difficult to cope up as it is with any other subject.

If due to some unfortunate circumstances such as severe illness, you miss a class or two, speak to a teacher for extra lessons or get a studious friend to help you out in such covering up math lessons.

2. Stay With Your Teacher's Pace

As stated earlier it is not a good idea to lag behind in a math class. Most of the math teacher work out the problems in front of the students. If same is the case with your teacher take this to your advantage and solve the problems alongside her. Don't blindly copy down whatever she is writing on the board. 

Take notes in a proper fashion. They will help you remember the concepts for a longer time, and this practice would make revisions a lot easier for you. Don't just write the questions and their solutions. Also, jot down the process of solving a problem. This will save you the extra effort of figuring things out when you open your notebook to study.
Clarify any doubts immediately. Math is not a subject to wait until the end of the class to clear out queries. Since each step is crucial for solving a problem, your mind has to be clear at all stages. Also, volunteer to answer a question if you know the answer. This is a great confidence booster, and it also raises you in the sight of your teacher. This way your teacher thinks that you are a bright student and she will naturally extend a helping hand toward you once she knows you are a sincere student.

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How to learn math

How to learn math