6 Common Classroom Management Problems

6 Common Classroom Management Problems

As Classrooms are full of different types of personalities, they do not run like efficient machine lines. There are many Classroom Management issues that can disrupt normalcy or situations to make imparting knowledge a difficult task.

 The beginning of a session

The starting of a session is itself an onerous task.  Students are busy socializing and settling down.  The teacher can efficiently bring everybody’s attention by setting routines.  This will give students discipline and a routine thereby make learning more efficient.

Bathroom Break requests 

This is not a problem only at the Junior school levels.  Experienced teachers have seen heard so many requests per session that more than 10-15 minutes is wasted and the class has to be brought to order before the session is continued. Rules can be set by a teacher to control these disruptions.

Quarrel, Ego Clashes, Fights

High school students are a heterogeneous mix of individuals who come from different backgrounds both economical, social and environmental. There is always constant bickering, fights, personality clashes et al. that erupt now and then causing breaks in the ongoing sessions.  This disrupts the learning process and reduces the attention span of the students.

 Private discussions among students

Some students indulge in talking private matters even as a very important lecture or session is going on. Other students engrossed in the session may find this disruptive and lose track of what is being taught. Also this makes the teacher’s task to explain even harder.

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