How to make a Tutor Profile

How to make a Tutor Profile

When we imagine about profile pictures, the first thing that clicks the mind is a funky selfie of us. If that is the case with you, leave the thought of social media DPs and think in a more professional way. 

If you look cultured in a picture, your first impression on students and their parents will be in your favor. Avoid home selfies for a profile picture. Consider a professional photographer clicking the picture for your profile in a studio. This picture should be clear and show your face and upper body.

Make sure you wear something formal for the photo. If you can't afford a professional picture, ask someone to click a formal picture of you in a well-lit area. Don't take colored lights as they look weird and unprofessional. Look at the camera with a mild smile on your face and you are good to go! Put this picture on your profile page and let the clients know you more.

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