Queryfloor cards

Queryfloor cards

Free cards give an opportunity to share your skills with other users. Skill cards describe your expertise in any particular subject. Package cards gives an overview of the offers or packages you want to offer. 

When it comes to features its all about the environment and facilities that Queryfloor provide to connected members. Queryfloor provide different types of virtual cards that describe your personality like you can share these cards with each other. 

Skill card tells that you have sound knowledge of that subject, you can easily solve any problem related to that particular subject.  

Free card proves to be boon for teacher. Free card provides you a chance to share your knowledge with other users. By using free card you can help others in solving their Queries and this card also gives a chance to interact with student and make them comfortable with your teaching style. 

By using package card you can tell the students about the available package.  Cards play a vital role in boosting your profile like if you create any of cards (skill, package and free cards) then it shows your quality and expertise which is fully different from others, and it will also help you to attract students towards you.

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